Overview of the Assignment Tool

The Assignment tool is a place for students to submit electronic files directly into their course in the Learning Hub. Thus, eliminating the need for paper, fax, or email. Instructors use the Assignments area to view, evaluate, and grade student submissions.

File Submission


Unless you need a specific file type from your students, it is recommended that you ask for .pdf files. This is a universal file type and all devices should be able to view this document type. If you are requesting a specific file type (ex. .ai) then you will have to download the file to your computer and open it in the respective software application.


When submitting a file for an assignment, it is recommended that you add your A# or name, so your instructor can identify your file submission.

How do I find the Assignments Tool?

  1. Log into the Learning Hub.
  2. Open a course.
  3. Click “Activities” and then “Assignments“.