How to Access E-Mail When there is an “Unauthorized” Message

If you are getting the “unauthorized” message when trying to access email it is because you have some quizzes that are started but have not been submitted. Please check to make sure you do not have a quiz or a self-test “IN PROGRESS”. If there is one you started, but have yet to submit, you’ll have to open/continue it and submit it before your e-mail tool is active again in the Learning Hub.

Step By Step Instructions

Click on the Envelope Email Icon and Submit the Quiz(s)

  1. So, just click on the envelope icon (it probably has a red dot beside it) that is to the left of your name at the top right of the Learning Hub. It will show you which quizzes need to be submitted.
  2. The quizzes may be from an old course you took in a previous term, so just click on the quiz name, “Continue Quiz”, and click “SUBMIT”. Do this for each quiz that is in progress, and once they are all submitted, you will be able to use your the Learning Hub mail tool again.
  3. If the quizzes are from courses that are finished, don’t bother answering the questions. Just submit the quiz.