How to create a Group Assignment

This job aide will shows the steps to create a Group Assignment this assumes you have already created your groups use the Groups Tool. If you have not please see this job aide prior to starting this one.



Click on “Activities” > “Assignments”


Click on the “New Folder” button


Give your Assignment a Name, Instructions and upload any Attachments you wish


Under the heading Submission, Completion and Categorization click on the “Group assignment” radio button


Select the group which you have created in the Groups Tool  that you want to associate with this assignment.

Now add any submission or category options you would like. We would not recommend using the Notification Email



Lastly under the Evaluation and Feedback heading, make sure to add the total score the assignment is out of along with and Grade Items or Rubrics you may wish to attach


Click on Save and Close. If successful you should see this icon Group activity: AM next to your assignment. This icon indicates that this assignment is attached to a group.