How to Grade Assignment Submissions (without and with a Rubric)

The following will show you how to grade and publish submissions from student in the assignments tool.



First click on Activities > Assignments


Next, find the desired assignment and click dropdown arrow next to it. Click View Submissions to see what the students have submitted.


Here you should see a list of all of the students who have currently submitted something. Click on the students name to reveal what they have submitted as well as evaluate them.


On the top left corner you can see the file(s) the student has submitted. Depending on the file type you may also be able to see an on page preview of what the student has submitted. If this is the case, you can make use of the annotation tools if you wish.

On the right side you will see where you can evaluate the student and give them feedback. Click Publish to send the marks off to the Grades Tool where students can see them


If you a Grading with a Rubric

If you have attached a rubric to your assignment then you will see it on the right hand under the Evaluation and Feedback header.

Click on this to open a popup window with the rubric viewer. Now click on a box under a column for each criterion. You can also add feedback by clicking on “Add feedback” underneath each criterion.


Now click on the box under “Overall score” if you do not click this then the scores you have clicked will not save.


After you click on Close you will return to Evaluation and Feedback and notice that your score has been saved. Click on Publish to publish these marks to the Grades Tool.