How to submit recordings with the Video Assignment Tool

Your instructor may ask you to create and submit a video assignment using the Video Assignment tool. The below steps will help you accomplish this.

Device Compatibility

You MUST be on a PC or Mac to do this, mobile devices may not work.

Step By Step Instructions

1. Find the Video Assignment Tool

  1. Go to the course you want to create the Video Presentation in.
  2. Click on “Content” from the top navigation bar.
  3. Find the Video Assignment Folder.
  4. Click on the Assignment to open the tool.

2. Adding the Video Option

  1. Click on the “Add” button and click “Video“.


3. Add Camera and Screen Options

  1. Check off “Camera” and click record video.

If you are recording a presentation and need to share both your webcam and your screen

  1. Check off both “Camera” and “Screen Options” and click record video.
  2. You will then be asked which screen (if you have more than one), which application window, or which chrome tab you want to share. the recommendation is to share your screen, because that allows you to switch between multiple programs during your presentation.

4. Setup Video and Audio Inputs and Record

  1. Now you need to setup your video and audio inputs.  In the bottom left of the record video screen you can toggle between video sources and audio sources.
  2. Once you see your video and the screen you are sharing you know it’s ready.
  3. Now you need to setup audio, Select the correct microphone and be sure to say a few words at the level of volume you will be speaking at during your presentation. This will allow the tool to calibrate to the loudness of your voice.
  4. Once it has successfully calibrated you will get the Record button.

5. Record Your Video Presentation

  1. When you’re ready, click the “RECORD” button and start your presentation by opening the screen/application you are sharing, and start talking!
  2. When you’re finished click “STOP

6. Decide If You Want to Keep and Submit Your Presentation

  1. You will then be given three icons at the bottom of the record video screen. “Trash“, “Download” and “Save“.
  2. If you think the recording was good, click “Save“. Otherwise trash it and start again.
  3. After you click save the video will begin processing. This can take some time, but don’t close your browser!
  4. Once it’s done processing you can click the eyeball on the right to preview it.
  5. Double click on a video source to swap between it, and I recommend full-screening the preview or it will be hard to see. (Your instructor will have a similar view and set of options when they view your assignment).
  6. If you’re happy with the recording click on the star icon on the left to add it to your submission.

7. Adding Additional Files to your Submission

  1. Now’s your chance to click the “Add” button and add any additional files that may be required by your instructor. If you used a powerpoint in your recording, it’s usually a good idea to upload the powerpoint here as well.  Be sure to star it to add it to your submission.
  2. When you’ve starred all the files/recordings you want in your submission click “Submit” and “Confirm“.
  3. Wait patiently for your instructor to mark it.