How to Self Enroll in a Group

You can find direct links to enroll in a group in areas like the “Announcements” and “Content“. You can also go directly to the “Groups” tool.

Step By Step Instructions

Click “Course Tools” then “Groups



Click on “View Available Groups” to see which groups are currently available for you to enroll in.



To see who has already self enrolled into a group, click a number underneath the Members column

To join a Group, simply click “Join Group” for the desired group under the Actions column


You are now enrolled into the group and will be taken back to the Groups Tool page. Here you can your group members by clicking the number underneath the Members column, you can also send email to your group members by clicking the ✉️ under the Email column


Removing Yourself From a Group

If you would like to remove yourself from a group that you have self enrolled into or would like to change groups, please contact your instructor.