How to View Your Grades

Grades can be found in a few different areas:

  • Grades
  • Class Progress
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Discussions
  • Content

Your instructor will need to make the grades and feedback available for you, if you don’t see your grade or feedback verify it was made available.

Where is the Grades Area?

  1. Click on “Grade” from the course navigation bar.
  2. Now you can view your grades (if any are available).

Viewing Your Grades using the Class Progress Tool

  1. Click “My Tools” then “Class Progress“.
  • Grades – takes you to your Grades in the course.
  • Content – Shows you what percentage of each module you have completed.
  • Assignments – Shows you what assignments you have submitted and if you have any feedback to read.


Where do I go to view feedback for quizzes, assignments, and discussions?

First, you verify your instructor has made the feedback available for your viewing. If your instructor informs you that feedback is available for the activity, you can view the feedback from the respective tool. For example, to view assignment feedback, go to the “Assignments” tool, “Class Progress“, or “Content“.