Integrity Advocate Troubleshooting

This information is subject to change.

February 2, 2022

Note: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are compatible with IA. Some of the issues listed below may also be present on a Mac but have not been tested.


Scenario 1

Issue: Two “continue” buttons appear; no ability for test-taker to continue

Impacted Browsers: Chrome and Firefox

Resolution: Instructor needs to remove IA code in the description box (HTML view) of the quiz.

Firefox screenshot:

Chrome screenshot:


Scenario 2

Issue: The below message appears “…requires full screen monitoring…use Chrome…”. When the test-taker clicks “continue”, he is booted out of the course and into the home page of the Learning Hub.

Impacted browser: Firefox

Resolution: When the rule, “must not use other programs/tabs” is enabled, this issue occurs. If you do not need this rule enabled, you can use Firefox. Otherwise, if the rule needs to be enabled, use the Chrome browser on a Windows computer or Safari (version 13+) on a Mac.

Note: To set rules, see the job aid, “Activating Integrity Advocate (IA) for your Exam“.


The following message appears in Firefox when the rule, “must not use other programs/tabs”, is enabled.

IA message

After clicking “continue”, the user is brought to the Learning Hub home page.


Scenario 3

Issue: Test-takers unable to move beyond the below screen due to the “share” button remaining ghosted

Impacted browsers: Chrome and Firefox

Resolution: Click the icon below the tab called “your entire screen”. Then click the “share” button.



Scenario 4

Issue: IA instructions are repeated twice informing the test-taker that full screen mode is required.

Impacted browsers: Chrome and Firefox

Resolution: This is normal, just follow the onscreen prompts.




Scenario 5

Issue: All students are “in progress” when the test is completed. An “end session” button appears along the right side.

Impacted browsers: Chrome and Firefox


  • Check and make sure the code is in the “submission view” for the quiz, whether that’s the default or an additional view.
  • Check and make sure the “grade and publish results automatically?” option is checked under the assessment tab. If it is not checked, the submission view will never show up. This is the most common cause of this issue.
  • It is safe to end the session for students using the button in the IA widget so long as the students are finished the exam. This step only ends the IA session which is then sent to the live IA reviewer to check any red flags. After it is reviewed, the results will be sent back to the IA widget on the course home page.
  • Refer to this job aid the next time you set up a quiz with IA to ensure all settings are correct

Note from IA site: “In Progress. If there is an End date and time, the session is being reviewed. If the end date and time is “Incomplete”, the learner is currently taking the quiz, or they began the session but left without completing (i.e. closed the browser without reaching the submission view). If you are seeing a large amount of In Progress sessions, see this troubleshooting article to ensure that Integrity Advocate was enabled correctly on the quiz.”


Scenario 6

Issue: Integrity Advocate states Google Chrome is out of date.

Impacted browser: Chrome

Resolution: The test-taker computer is using an older browser or incompatible operating system. Make sure your computer meets the minimum system requirements for Integrity Advocate and the browser is up-to-date.

How to update Google Chrome


Scenario 7

Issue: Integrity Advocate does not produce reports.

Impacted browsers: Chrome and Firefox

Resolution: The demo mode will not produce reports. Use Level 4 but keep in mind that BCIT is being charged per student.

Scenario 8

Issue: Integrity Advocate kicks out test-takers using Firefox.

Impacted browser: Firefox

Resolution: Check “remember this decision” when giving permission to the camera in Firefox. The IA session will count down and close the quiz if you forget to check this permission when you were FIRST prompted. If you clicked the camera setting when prompted the second time, you can log back in and take the test without closing the browser. If you did not click the setting, close all browser windows, log back in, check mark the camera setting and take the test.

Best practice is to use the Chrome browser as this issue does not occur.


Scenario 9

Impacted browsers: Chrome and Edge

Users of Chrome or Edge attempting to use the ‘end session’, ‘update grade’ and ‘override’ buttons in the IA widget on your course homepage may find that they do nothing.  IA is aware of this issue and will be providing an update ASAP.

Resolution: Use Firefox in the interim given that this issue does not impact this browser.

Scenario 10

Impacted browsers: all

IA does not launch with a quiz preview.

Workaround: As the instructor, switch to “view as student” to test IA.


Scenario 11

Impacted browsers: all

IA reports a blank screen or filter app icon

Resolution: Disable 3rd party camera filters (e.g. to make yourself more photogenic during a video call). A filter interrupts the camera feed resulting in Integrity Advocate reporting a blank screen or the icon of the filter app itself.