Learning Hub roles

Here is a general list of Roles available in the Learning Hub with a general description.

Instructor Role Types


- can view all but grades
- no participation
- cannot see student work


- can view all but grades
- no participation.
- allows person to copy down into a course.


- can upload and create and delete content, quizzes, etc;
- can teach, grade, participate
- full course rights
- can import material


- basic instructor role
- cannot edit or create content, quizzes etc.
- grading & participation rights only
- no access to virtual classroom (Bongo) links
Student Role Types

Student (auditor)

- all student permissions except NO GRADES


- general rights to participate & learn - can be graded
- can see all content (unless hidden by instructor), can take quizzes and hand in assignments

Admin Type Roles


- designs courses
- can edit/create content
- cannot see student work

Program Head^

- can upload and create and delete content, quizzes, etc.
- can enroll users
- can see/mark student work

Program Assistant^

- can add/edit content/quizzes etc.
- can enroll users
- can manage dates & grades
- can approve self-registrations

Instruct.(examview)^ (trades)

- add/edit content; quizzes administered by Test Centre


- no course access


These roles are in constant flux, therefore always changing due to privacy concerns.

Cascading roles are the roles the roles indicated with a carrot (^). When these roles are enrolled in the template, the same role is applied to ALL CRNs. For example, a Program Head^ that is enrolled in the template for BSCT-1300 will automatically have the Program Head role for all these CRNs.