Overview of the Blog Tool

The blog tool is a way to share information on subjects and topics that are of interest to you. A blog entry can be either added to the Public Entry section or the Private Entry section.

My Blog – for creating and maintaining your own blog.

Blog Watch – for reading other users’ blogs.

Blog Listfor setting up which other users’ blogs you want to follow or read

You can:

  • Make entries public by default
  • Show a link to your user profile from your blog
  • Allow comments by default
  • Receive email when comments are added
  • Allow blog to be read by anyone
  • Publish your blog as an RSS feed

How do I find the Blog Tool?

  1. Click on ‘myTools‘ from the top navigation bar
  2. Click on ‘My Blog

How do I Create an Entry in my Blog?

  1. You can choose to enter a new blog entry into either ‘Public Entires‘ or ‘Private Entries
  2. Click ‘New Entry
  3. Add a Title for the Blog
  4. Add Content
  5. Add Entry Date
  6. ‘Save’

How do I View my Blog Entry?

Preview Blog: Click this icon to see how your blog appears to others. Note: Only public
blogs will show in the preview.

Settings: Click the link in the upper right corner to change your default blog settings. Options
include showing your profile in the blog, making entries public by default, and receiving email
notifications on comments.

How do I Edit an Existing Blog Entry?

  1. On the My Blog page, click  Edit from the context menu beside the title of the entry you want to edit.
  2. Update the entry as desired.
  3. Click ‘Save’.