Overview of the Class Progress Tool

The Class Progress and the User Progress tools track your learners’ overall progress in the course.

Instructors can use the Class Progress tool to view a summary of the progress of their entire class, which allows them to see and compare class progress between all of their students at a glance.

Instructors can also use the tool to track an individual learner’s progress in the course. It will track grades, completion of learning objectives, access of content topics, participation in discussions, assignment submissions, quiz submissions, checklist completion, survey responses, and login history for each individual in the course.

Students can only see their own personal progress data using the User Progress tool. This lets them keep track of what they have completed, including a history of what pages of content they have viewed, their scores on quizzes, grades they have received, etc.

The Class Progress tool helps track course progress by measuring the completion of different progress indicators. This tool can be used by both Students and Instructors. Progress indicators are available for:

  • Summary
  • Content
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes

How do I find the Class Progress Tool?

  1. Login into the Learning Hub.
  2. Open a Course.
  3. Click “myTools” and then “Class Progress“.