Safe Exam Browser

Troubleshooting Safe Exam Browser

Please note that safe exam browser (SEB) is open source software that is not currently supported by D2L Brightspace. As such the ETS team is not able to provide direct support with any issues that require troubleshooting SEB. If you experience significant technical issues related to SEB browser please consider making alternative arrangements with regards to exam security.

Safe Exam Browser is a web browser environment that is used to carry out e-assessments safely. This software limits access to resources like system functions, other websites and applications and prevents unauthorized resources being used during an exam.

Please note that Safe Exam Browser is not intended to replace an in person proctor. It is a tool that can be used to help assist instructors with exam security. If you are looking for a tool that makes it harder for students to access the outside web while writing an exam in a lab then this may tool may be appropriate.

How do I access the Safe Exam Browser?

As of right now Safe Exam Browser is ONLY available in BCIT labs, Accessibility Services and BCIT Test Centres. Students writing exams outside these areas or off campus will not be able to use Safe Exam Browser.

Conditions of Use

To use the Safe Exam Browser (SEB), instructors need to know that:

  • SEB is not a one-stop solution to exam security.
  • SEB is not a comprehensive exam delivery strategy.
  • SEB is just a web browser whose functionality is to lock-out all functionality of the computer except that which is necessary to take an online exam through the Learning Hub.
  • SEB needs to be upgraded from time to time – there are implications for highly secured clinical sites.

Using Safe Exam Browser

Find the Windows Task Bar

In the windows task bar (Windows 10) there is a search bar (see red arrow). In this search bar type “Safe Exam Browser”.

Search for 'Safe Exam Browser'

You should now see “Safe Exam Browser” appear (see red arrow), make sure it says “Desktop App” underneath the title.  Click on the icon to launch Safe Exam Browser on the computer.

Launch Safe Exam Browser and Sign In

Once Safe Exam Browser launches, you should see the BCIT log in screen. The student will need to enter their BCIT credentials (username = A#, and password = same as MYBCIT) into the appropriate fields. Once, the information is entered, click the “Sign in” button. Now they should be signed into the Learning Hub, and will be able to navigate to their quiz.