Learning Hub October 2020 Updates

New Additions

Brightspace Pulse – Dark mode for Android

When Dark mode is enabled on your Android device, Brightspace Pulse for Android now displays in Dark mode. Using this mode can reduce eye strain and conserve battery power on your device.

Dark mode in Brightspace Pulse for Android


Brightspace Learning Environment - File types added to restricted upload list

For security reasons, D2L restricts the uploading of certain file types to Brightspace Learning Environment. The list of restricted file types is not configurable by administrators. This feature adds the following file types to the restricted list:

  • .cgi
  • .cmd
  • .hta
  • .jar
  • .lib
  • .pl
  • .pm
  • .ps1
  • .sh
  • .vbscript

For additional information on restricted file types, visit the Restricted MIME types in Brightspace Learning Environment help topic.

Copy Course Components – Separate permissions to copy from a course and copy to a course

To offer more granular control over course copy permissions and improve workflows associated with parent content (in a course offering or parent template org unit), this release splits the existing Copy Course Offering and Template Components permission into the following new permissions:

  • Copy Components into Org Unit
  • Copy Components out of Org Unit

For example:

An organization has a Science Course that is intended as a course that instructors can copy from, but not modify. Instructors copy common course components in Science Course to other science courses, for example, Science 101 and Science 202.

Jane has two roles: Reviewer role in Science Course, and Instructor role in Science 101 and Science 202.

The Reviewer role has the Copy Components out of Org Unit permission, but not the Copy Components into Org Unit permission.

The Instructor role has the Copy Components into Org Unit permission, but not the Copy Components out of Org Unit permission.

Scenario 1:

In Science Course, Jane cannot see the option to Copy Course Components in Content or Course Admin. She cannot copy any components into the Science Course.

Scenario 2:

In Science 101, Jane can see the options to Copy Course Components. When she searches for courses to copy, she can see Science Course; however, she cannot see Science 202.

This feature also affects the Copy From Parent Template option in Copy Course Components. Previously, this option was visible regardless of Instructor enrollment in the parent template for the course. It allowed the instructor to go through the workflow partially before causing an error. Now, this option is only visible if the instructor is enrolled in the parent template with a role that has the Copy Components out of Org Unit permission at the template level.

Course Export - Export course as Common Cartridg

This feature allows Brightspace Learning Environment administrators and instructors to export a course as an IMS Common Cartridge package or as a Thin Common Cartridge package. It also allows the Bulk Course Export tool to export a course as a Common Cartridge package.

Additional improvements in this feature include the following:

  • A course in Brightspace can be exported as an IMS Common Cartridge 1.3 compliant package or an IMS Thin Common Cartridge 1.3 compliant package
  • Brightspace now allows users to select Export as Common Cartridge using Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Brightspace now allows users to select Export as Thin Common Cartridge using Import/Export/Copy Components
  • Language Terms to describe Common Cartridge and Thin Common Cartridge exports are now visible.
  • Bulk Course Export can now export a Common Cartridge package. A new optional column has been added to CSV that allows administrators to specify whether the bulk tool exports a Brightspace package or a Common Cartridge package
  • The Bulk Course Export CSV now includes an optional column where a user can specify to export as a Brightspace package or as a Common Cartridge package
  • The Bulk Course Export file naming convention now includes the course offering code to make files more identifiable

CSV example showing where administrators specify if the bulk tool exports a Brightspace package or a Common Cartridge package:

OrgUnitID, Course Code, Course Name, Export method
7007, Crs_001, Course 1, 0 (0 indicates course exports as a Brightspace package)
7007, Crs_001, Course 1, 1 (1 indicates course exports as a Common Cartridge package)

Quiz Builder - Question import improvements

This feature updates question importing options in Quiz Builder. When importing questions from Question Library, users can now use the default end of quiz location for the questions, or choose to import the questions into a section. Previously, all questions imported from the Question Library were placed at the end of the Quiz by default, with no ability to select a specific quiz section.

The Import drop-down now shows the Import to Section option on the Browse Question Library screen

Figure: The Import drop-down menu now shows the Import to Section option on the Browse Question Library screen

Quizzes - Editing quizzes with previous attempts

This feature updates the Quizzes – User experience updates for editing quizzes with attempts feature released in August 2020/20.20.8.

Points for all past quiz attempts are no longer modified when edits are made that affect the overall points and/or the grading calculations for a quiz. In the previous release, this update extended only to quizzes with attempts started after the June 2020/20.20.6 release. Now, all previous quizzes with attempts started before Brightspace Learning Environment version 20.20.6 will display the quiz and grading calculations that appeared to the learner at the exact time they made the attempt.

Assignments – Override language terms in the new assignment creation experience

Building on the functionality added to the new create and edit assignment experience in the September 2020/20.20.9 release, administrators can now use the Language Management tool to search and locate language terms from the new assignment creation experience and choose to override the default values with custom values.

Note: The new assignment creation experience uses separate language terms from the classic assignments experience. Classic assignment experience language term overrides do not automatically apply to the new assignment creation experience.